Strategic commodity marketing plans


Our commodity marketing services involve scale-up selling for both grains and livestock. We feel this provides the best opportunity to achieve a profitable price level over all sales.

Sciota Trading is not a price forecasting service, and we do not have perfect insight into where prices are going. Instead, we take a long-term view of the markets, focusing on profits as well as prices. Our service is not just to provide information — we provide implementation.

You should think of your brokerage account as price protection. Therefore, our priority is not simply to make “a lot of money” in this account, but to use the account as a part of the marketing plan.

It is very important that you share responsibility with your advisor and keep in touch regarding recommendations and strategies. Hiring us as your marketing advisor is only the first step. If there is ever something bothering you, please let us know.

The newsletters you receive from us discuss the “big picture” in the markets, meaning your results may vary from the recommendations in the newsletter. We believe your operation has a different cash flow, storage situation, or risk-bearing ability, and it deserves specific solutions. The newsletter sets forth a marketing guideline; the one-on-one contact with your advisor will fit these recommendations to your operation.

It is our mission in commodity marketing is to provide thoughtful, well-informed advice to our clients in a professional manner, thereby improving their marketing decisions and profitability.