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Welcome to Sciota Trading, Ltd.

Sciota rading, Ltd. is a commodity brokerage firm in Ames, Iowa, which serves Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska farmers with sound marketing advice for crops and livestock. Sciota Trading marketing advisors give personal, specific marketing advice to help farmers market their grain and livestock production.

Why Sciota?

Marketing your crops and livestock is difficult.  You do your best to raise your crops and livestock efficiently.  You have the competing needs of trying to get the best price, while managing the risks you take to get that price. In a world market, events half-way around the world can change your local prices overnight.  Combine this with pressing cash flow needs and all the other work you need to get done. Now focusing on marketing becomes difficult.

That’s where the advisors from Sciota Trading can help.  We are experts in marketing because we focus on the markets all day, every day. We filter and refine information to help you implement a plan to manage your risk and your marketing. Additionally, we get to know you, so we can tailor our advice to your specific needs and circumstances.

We work one-on-one with farmers, so we develop marketing plans that are personal to you. We develop sound marketing decisions tailored specifically for your needs.